In 1929, Jose Mª Estevez García started out on what was to be the adventure of his life.

Based in the parish of Barciademera, in the Covelo district of Pontevedra, he used his life’s savings to buy a small van with which to ferry his neighbours to and from nearby fairs and festivals. It was the first vehicle in his fleet, which soon began to grow.

Each vehicle of his fleet bore the logo “JOSE Mª ESTEVEZ”, accompanied by “BARCIADEMERA”, a village he was very proud of.

The family’s 2nd generation changed the company’s name to Empresa Estevez Avión, S.L., which it still uses today.

Today the company is run by the family’s 3rd generation, albeit with the 4th generation waiting in the wings, and keeps alive the proud spirit, effort and growth thanks to each and every one of the employees who have worked for and with us over the years.