Empresa Estévez Avión, S.L. has established a Quality Management System based on standard UNE-ISO 9001 in order to improve every single features of our service through an organisation-wide continual improvement system to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied.

To do so, we strive to meet our customers’ requests while complying with our sector’s legislation and regulations.
Our Management’s chief concern and remit is to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the road passenger transport services we provide to our customers, and this responsibility is shared by all levels of our Organisation.
To comply with this policy, Empresa Estévez Avión, S.L. is committed to providing the material and human resources necessary to achieve its principles in such a way that:

All employees are encouraged enthusiastically to be efficient in whatever they do in the company.

  • The company becomes specialized in every kind of service.
  • The number of complaints and incidents keeps on dropping.
  • The quality and/or comfort of our fleet improves day by day.
  • The environmental impact of our company’s activities is reduced.

In accordance with these guidelines, Empresa Estévez Avión, S.L. is committed to complying with our sector’s legislation and regulations.

We also strive to make our quality management system more efficient and prevent any irregularities or incidents, so as to raise the level of satisfaction among our customers.


An effective system that lets us administer and improve the quality of our services better. Certified to comply with ISO 9001:2015 standards, our control and quality systems guarantee that thousands of users feel satisfied every day.

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